Amare puts up 50!!!

In a brutal Pwning of Portland. God this guy is a stud.


I love the way Stoudamire plays. Always going to the basket, shoots 58%, always shooting free throws. I hope he starts a new fashion among big guys, so they don't always hang around on the perimeter shooting jump shots.

With his jumping ability, he could be a bit better on the boards, but good.

Portland made some dude named Hunter look like an All-Star last night.

Z-BO cannot play defense.

Amare has an awesome style of play. The cool thing is he is not at all greedy with the ball. He got several assists and dished it off even when he could have padded his stats.

Hunter has been getting better and better with every game. I think the combo of him and Amare is deadly underneath.

IMO The starting lineup SHOULD be:


SG-Quentin Richardson

SF- Shawn Marion

PF- Amare Stoudemire

C- Stephen Hunter

JJ is just way to erratic to be in the starting five and should be more of a hot hand off the bench. Whenever Hunter and Amare are in the game at the same time with Nash moving the ball around it seems like Phoenix really dictates the pace and takes it to their opponent. I HOPE this is the combo we see next time we play SA or Sac.

He reminds me of the young David Robinson with his speed and control.

Hopefully one day he'll play defense like David Robinson.

The nice thing about defense is that when you are a big man it is alot easier to learn and develop than speed and ball control.

He's got those power dunks but I was surprised at the soft touch he has also. He made some amazing flip shots and lay ups.

41 4 MVP

He had 9 dunks and 5 layups that game.