Amarillo Texas Oct 24th Tribute to Tanner

 Oct 24th in Amarillo, Texas SHARK FIGHT PROMOTIONS is holding the biggest MMA event Amarillo has ever seen. This will also be on an Internet PPV for a really good price, I was told 8.95? and a dollar from every purchase will go towards Evan Tanners family that will also be there in attendance. Brother and soon as I get more info : Website with link I will post it.SHARK FIGHTS #1 Date/Time: October 24, 2008 7:00 PM Location: Amarillo National Center 3301 E 10th Ave Amarillo, Texas United States Contact: Jim Larsen 806-626-9119 Athletic Commission: Texas Boxing And Wrestling Program Fight CardShannon "The Cannon" Ritch Vs. John WoodFight is scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5) Name Shannon Ritch Height 5? 9? (175.26 cm) Weight 170 (77.27 kg) Record 92-68-2 Team Team Cannon Name John Wood Height 5'10 Weight 170 Record 3-4-0 Team Las Vegas Combat Club  Brandon Sene Vs. Eric DaVilaFight is scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5) Name Brandon Sene Height 0? 0? (0 cm) Weight 201 (91.17 kg) Record 2-0-0 Team   Name Eric DaVila Height   Weight 187 (84.82 kg) Record 8-7-0 Team    Jared Lopez Vs. Shawn DavidFight is scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5) Name Jared Lopez Height 0? 0? (0 cm) Weight 146 (66.22 kg) Record 4-4-0 Team   Name Shawn David Height   Weight 146 (66.22 kg) Record 3-1-0 Team    Marcus Sursa Vs. Bryan PardoeFight is scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5) Name Marcus Sursa Height   Weight 206 (93.44 kg) Record 3-4-0 Team   Name Bryan Pardoe Height 6? 2? (187.96 cm) Weight 200 (90.72 kg) Record 14-11-0 Team Team Cannon  Jeff Striley Vs. Douglas FreyFight is scheduled for 3 rounds (3x3x3) Name Jeff Striley Height 0? 0? (0 cm) Weight 137 (62.14 kg) Record 2-3-0 Team   Name Douglas Frey Height   Weight 146 (66.22 kg) Record 0-0-0 Team    Joel Traves Vs. Brian HumesFight i

on the home page if you go to oct 24th you will see shark fights.

This is an awesome thing you are doing, but, for Evan's memory, let this not be tainted at all dude. For some reason you get a LOT of GARBAGE on here for things you have done.

But cheers for doing this man, EVAN was without a doubt an awesome dude and fighter.

He actually inspired me to keep on getting my College Degree and then finish with my masters.. Yep, not gonna quit until I finish..


I understand, And I want this to be a huge success. I was asked to fight TUF Fighter John Wood, and I agreed. SO I am coming to fight hard as I can I am on a win streak and Im ready to get more wins.

SHARK FIGHT Promotions is a really good company they seem to have there stuff together, plus Evan was a freind fo mine and to help out any way I can! I hope people will purchase the PPV Internet watch some good fights and 1.00 of every buy will go to Evans Family.

I was also told that they are giving something special to Evan's MOM and Brother at the fight.


What are you getting out of this?

 ^ you got to be kidding me. Ignore him shannon. TTT for Evan.

What am I getting out of this?
I am fighting, I get to fight at my natural weight at 170 for a change...

And I get to be part of a promotion that is giving a Tribute to one the coolest MMA Fighters I have ever met!
Evan Tanner -! He was a class act in and out of the Cage.

Do you guys know he fought for FREE for a Kid that had cancer-? JOSH HAYNES son THOR!
EVAN needed a fighter to fight so I agreed and we fought for THOR.

SO what am I getting out of this? just to be part of the fight card and get to fight in Amarillo Texas in front of some really great MMA Fans! And the Chance to meet EVANS MOM and Brother thats all... spoke to the organizer for Team Tanner and she gavce the scoop on the all information regarding Evans Memorial Service:

His memorial will be held in Amarillo, TX on September 27th at 2:00 p.m. at the Civic Center. The Civic Center is located at 401 South Buchanan Street.

If anyone wishes to send flowers or cards, they can be sent to Jeff Tanner, 504 S Harrison Street, Amarillo TX 79101. The family has also set up a memorial fund with The Amarillo National Bank. If you are interested in donating to his memorial fund.

TTT for Shannon. I still feel bad about the time we put him in a lousy hotel when he fought for us in Hawaii. I think it was his fight vs Suda.

good luck with show.

LOL- Yeah Patrick you stuck me in the bad part of Hawaii lol, that hotel was awful...but again I was in HAWAII.
No prob, it was a great opportunity. Suda was tough.

So far from what I know SHARK FIGHT Promotions is doing a great job with this fight in Texas. I hope you guys all will watch it, not just to finally see "The CANNON" live, but to see the Tribute to Tanner.

They have alot planned.

TTT for SHARK FIGHT Promotions!

 I'll likely be there.


 damn, i would love to be on this card being that im origionally from amarillo and have tons of family there that have always wanted to see me fight.

TTT for a good cause

got to love that screen name :-)
Themexicutioner...Its great

 Shannon, hit me up! or 720-276-5056

Jeff you have mail...

Shannon, you can get mad at me for asking what you get out of this but you deserve that.

Honestly, what do you think it will take to convince many of us that you've changed at all?

Sorry dude, I just don't trust you at all.

Tanner would appreciate paragraphs.


Shannon doing something for a good cause and not sCaming anyone or anything! Give him a break.


 LOL @ my post being deleted. Somebody was offered a pay off.  Fuck the Bitch and his scams.