Amateur MMA @ The Arnold Classic

Did I read correctly that there is a $65 entry fee for this event? I am really hoping I misread the email. I know it seems that every time an amateur show gets talked about there is a discussion about organizations not paying it's fighters but this is going the opposite direction.


I beleive its similar to a grappling tournament, where you pay to enter.

I guess that helps set it apart from every other amateur mma show in the country. There are plenty of well ran shows that even pay travel/lodging expenses to its amateurs.

Grappling tournaments can make the argument that they do not sell enough spectator tickets to cover expenses, as there are typically more competitors than fans. I have never been to an amateur MMA event that did not have many more fans than competitors and I am sure this one will be the same way.

This show seems to be charging both the fighters and the fans.

There is nothing wrong with charging a spectator but charging the fighters is just wrong.