Amateur MMA Tournament - San Diego

The next Amateur Pankration Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 12 at Southwest High School in San Diego, California. Victor Beltran of The Boxing Zone is promoting the event and So Cal Pankration will be administering the Pankration competition. The Tournament is open to all amateur competitors of all ages. There will be division for Kids, Teens and Adults.

Pankration tournaments are open to all styles and schools and are geared towards those interested in trying out a safer form of MMA prior to competing in full MMA rules. Strikes are allowed to the body along with takedowns and submissions.

There will be two rings going at the same time day with the Finals going all together later in the evening.

If you are interested in attending a referee clinic prior to the event e-mail

Here is a link for the flyer and registartion form

are there gonna be proper weight classes so i wouldnt have to fight people 20 pounds heavier than i am like i did last time,granted it was a good tournament and great rules.

We try to have no more the a 12lb spread but hopefully no more than 10 lbs in each weight class, except for the heavies.
The more that enter the smaller the spread.

What weight division were you in last time?


i weighed in @ 135lbs. and i fought the 155lbs division.but it was a great tournament and experience and i can't wait to do it again.

If we get females we will make a seperate bracket for them. Last event only one female showed up so it's hard to tell.

I havn't heard anything from Jeff (KFSS) yet but they usualy bring alot of their kids to the tournaments.


Two new videos from Pankration matches should be up on our web site late tonite.

Watching the various matches is the best way to see what the event is about.

See it here:


interesting... too bad im an out of shape pig with no skills