Amateur Status?

If a person fights Pro boxing does that mess up his Amateur MMA status?


In regards to the ISCF Shows, the answer would be yes.....

Most commissions look at any fight you do where you have the chance to win a prize purse(including Toughman), is considered a professional fight.

I was turned down for an amatuer fight in GA due to having fought in Toughman events.

We had amatuer fights in North Dakota only because it was illegal to have pro mma.

I'm an amateur MMA fighter.

Cheaper for the promoters is the real reason :)

no such thing as amateur mma. most promoters still pay the amateurs money. they fight under the same rule as the pro's with the same type of protection. and if you check some records on sherdog and full contact fighter people jump from pro to amateur every other fight. untill there is a national sanctioning body like their is for amateur boxing.......amateur mma doesn't really exist.

thats GA not nation wide. come to IA its a way different story.

I fight am and the rules are slightly different. In pro fights you can elbow the head and in amateur you can only elbow the body. Oh yeah, I also do not get paid.

if you are a pro boxer
you can still fight am. mma
if you are a pro mma fighter
no more am. mma for you
personally i would fight a pro boxer in am. mma

and about fighting tyson
thats retarted for these reasons 1.he wouldnt fight for free would be an idiot for fighting him for free

It does in AR.

anytime you take are no longer an ammy.


my point is you can go anywhere in the us after taking money and fighting pro and fight amateur. who is going to stop you. if GA bans me I can go fight amateur somewhere else. as a 7-1 pro fighter i can get an amateur fight this weekend and have it show up on as amateur after all my pro fights. and get money under the table.

not to mention there is no real nation wide organization to keep track of someones record. more than half the records on fcf and sherdog are incorrect. people lie all the time about their records when they get introduced on their way to the ring. 3-13 guy gets announced at 12 & 4. mark long claims to have over 100 fights. nowhare close to that on any fight site.

untill we can get a nation wide organization to keep track like am-boximg it is what it is,a cheep way for promoters to promote pro fights. atleast am-boxing has levels to were boxers with close to equal number of fights get paired together. not some guy with 20+ fights gets to fight a first timer.

in the red corner fighter A with a record of 20 and 3 vs in the blue corner fighter B making his am-mma depute. 15 of fighter A's mma fights were pro. happens all the time. welcome to the mid-west.


Andy Foster had a Pro boxing record and fought amaeur didn't he?


I don't doubt what madsexy is saying one bit.

I fight ammy though, and I don't get paid. And the rules are basically UFC rules. The only difference is I don't get paid. I'm trying to get my cage and fight experience in before jumping to pro, which I plan on doing later this year.

imo, it is up to the fighter to know what he is getting into. With all the good and bad publicity on the internet. There are some people I know around my area that I wouldn't trust to match people up safely. But there are also so great promotions with great promoters around here.

If you are going to fight for a promoter, ask around. there are plenty of people on the UG that will share their opinions :)

ttt swamprocker is also correct.

I promote fights in Atlanta. I have turned down several outta towners to fight here because they are pros and say they'll fight amateur or vice versa.

It's up to the fighter to be honest and up to the promoter to take a little time to investigate the background of the fighters.

I think both the ISKA and the ISCF have done a terrific job of keeping track of who is amateur and who is pro.

In the past in GA we saw amateurs and pros fighting each other and it being called an "exhibition"; but it seems like those times are behind us.

A question that I have is this. If a fighter is an amateur fighter, should he be paid any travel money and be supplied a hotel for free or should he have to pay these bills on his/her own? In amateur boxing the fighters must cover these bills on their own. Also, should a trainer be paid by a promoter if he is taking the time to train an amateur fighter since there is no percentage of the purse money to be made for his time.

My record on FCFighter used to have all my fights listed as "Pro" (they all should be amature) but after A LOT of emails and begging I got that fixed for the most part. (One didn't get changed for some reason and makes me look 0-1 as a pro)oh well.

But the funniest part is that my first amature win on my record was actually just a grappling exhibition that we did on a MMA card to get the crowd warmed up...

It got taken off there for awhile but showed up again after a database crash or something.

I've wanted to fight MMA in GA (I've trained with Team Praxis) could I fight Amature?... how do you judge what is Amature/pro?

how does boxing keep track so well?? we need to model something after them.