Amateurs needed for title fights 11/6 Nashville

Due to injuries I need amateurs at 125lbs.; 145lbs and 185lbs. to fight for Gameness Fighting Championship titles friday 11/6 in Nashville, TN.. Must be within driving distance. Will pay for your gas and provide hotel. All fighters need bloodwork(HIV; Hep B & C w/antigens & surface antibodies). Please email me at for complete details. Mike


thanks Joey!


thanks Joe!


Whos the 125er??

I have a 185lber but igots a grappling tournament on the 7th.

Chris larkin

Mike call me tomorrow sometime


ttt again

 If you shoot me an email @ I would like to talk to you about the 185 lb spot.




The 125 is Dustin Ortiz 6-1 and trains at Nashville MMA. Filled the 185 Fred.


ttt for requiring bloodwork from your ammys.

And for paying hotel/gas.

Better 'n most.