HUGE amatuer Muay Thai and MMA fight taking place in Kansas City, Mo on June 17th, 2005. I am looking for AMATUER Muay Thai and MMA fighters who are in driving distance. We will fly fighters in depending on skill level. Looking for guys and gals who are wanting to show their talent on local (Midwest) television - negotiations are in progress for larger viewing. Send me emails on:

Fight Name

I need all of this information upfront for advertising purposes and sponsorship acquisition. I will get each fighter sponsored by a local company for advertising purposes only.

This fight is the first of 9 events that are planned between now and next December. We have solidified 2 Casino dates in this package as well so it will be a continual event.

Website will be up by 4.20.05.

I am looking for match ups now.

Email me at or call me at 816.686.4952.

Again, this is a big event with alot of local Athletes, and Celebraties, and will be filmed for television replay (July 9th - Noon to 1pm). This is the first of many scheduled events that are promoted by KO Fight Night Promotions, Inc. a subsidary of KO Group, Inc.