Amatuer stats on Sherdog?

stupid ??? but does Sherdog have Amatuer stats/fighters on the fight finder?

Don't believe so.....

hmmmm.. then WTF i think iv been bamboozled!

Look me up a supposed amateur fight. (in which I am 5 and 1 in MMA) ends up being a Pro debut that I dont know about. So I'm 0-1 as a pro MMA fighter.

Look up Bumpy Johnston

that sux... i was kinda iffy about the fighter but my trainer assured me hes amateur the fighter said he was amateur yet i find the stats from the fight on sherdog and i KNOW im amateur.

you have been owned!!

the guy you fought was probably happy to have won and wanted to increase his winning record, so he mailed Sherdog in order to have it in his record even thougt it was an amateur bout.

you should write a mail to sherdog in order to erease it.

the problem is that neither Sherdog or FCFighter are complete databases (though I appreciate and applaud their efforts.) I think it's because there are no 'official' sanctioning bodies in MMA like there are in boxing or whatever, so compiling a list of results for a database becomes a hunt for as many results as possible. What you end up with is a ton of fights from smaller shows missing, and some fights you wouldn't expect to see on there showing up.

For instance, our local amateur event, FCFF (run by Chael Sonnen), has results for a few of their cards listed on Sherdog, but the majority are not listed. This means that within Sherdog's database, at least a handful of amateur fights are listed right in with the pros.

The other local show, Sportfight, always has 4 or 5 amateur fights and then the rest of the card is pro. So there are some more amateur fights mixed in on the fight finder.

The great thing about FCF database is that they knowingly include amateur fights and separate them. Sherdog seeks to exclude all amateur fights, period.

I would think a database would be so people can research a fighter's experience... I would want to know the amateur experience of a guy I was fighting.... amateur records are important, too.