Amature MMA tournies

I am looking for MMA tournies that do not require a vast resume to enter. I am just getting started in MMA and want to find a way to test what I know and compete. Any tips would be great. I am in Arizona if that helps.

there should be a website thats pure amatuer mma with all events and news posted. anybody know of one????

Check out -

The site should be soon be updated with photos from the last Amateur Tournament (3/12/05) along with more sample videos.

Next Tournament will most likely be late May 2005.

send me your bio..

 Total Combat- Eric Delfierro,arnold classic,ifc has a once a year amateur i think, and sportfight.

what do you weigh? there is an amateur mma tournament in indiana on april 22

There is an amatuer tourney in Arizona in June, EFC try making a thread for James Meals he is the promoter i believe there are still a few spots left

I am 190 right now but will probably being fighting at around 180. The reason I am looking for an amature bout is that I am not really sure how my skills would fair in the the ring. Don't really want to start my career by getting KO'd in 10 seconds by someone who has tons of experience. If I do well and feel I am ready to start in the MMA scene I will definately jump right in. tournaments have no head strikes and different divisions in submission wrestling (beg.intermediate, advanced) or it did last time I checked.No neck cranks or heel hooks.

One three minute round and one three minute overtime if neccesary. They were at Battle of Champions V at the Southwest gym...I went to BoC IV and they SAID they were going to have amateur mma fights but did not so I am not sure.