Amazing Conditioning Program

I found out about Ross Enamait and his conditioning programs on Crossfit. I ordered his e-book, The Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness, and can only say that his program is the most amazing conditioning program I have ever seen. He covers bodyweight exercise beyond any other material I have ever read, medicine ball workouts, sandbags, plyometrics/interval training, etc. It is all designed for combat athletes. Ross's customer service is excellent, the best I have had in buying anything. Check out his sight , I really can't say enough about how I am impressed with his program.

I've haven't purchased his products, yet. But I've done his burpee intervals and they ROCK.

If you found it on Crossfit, It's GOT to be good.

I've got two of Ross' books - "Ultimate Training for the Ultimate Warrior" and "Medicine Ball Training and Then Some..."

They're two of the best books I own.

Wiggy -

Good to know. Thanks for the tip.

I agree with Wiggy!

I have the same books and they are amongst the best I have. And yours Wiggy :)




Ross's material is fantastic. TTT