AMAZING Dillashaw Wonderboy Van Heusen Commercial!

that was pretty good

Good for them!

i like it

and that straw slurping sound is annoying

Van Heusen, seriously?

Very cool to see UFC stars crossover and demonstrate their market value.  Every bit of exposure helps everyone. 

Haven’t worn thier shit since my first job in the 90’s. But good for those guys. And that was a good commercial. Fucking straw slurpers

that was awesome

Good stuff. Great commercial!


I'm sold

Great commercial....except who the fuck decided that TJ would be the one slamming Wonderboy through the table. Did someone neglect to tell the director about the 3 weight class difference?

I have one and the neck is not stretchy enough for otherwise lean people struggling with wrestler’s neck lol, great commercial.

Have you guys seen the Cruz, TJ, and Forrest Griffen commercial for TOYO Tires? I thought that was a good one too! TJ has a good manager!

That's awesome and has GOT to be the most "mainstream", non-fight related product a UFC fighter has ever endorsed, right? I mean something that would never get promoted on the cage or during events such as beer and stuff aimed at the standard MMA watcher. Very cool, good for them.