Amazing Time-Lapse of Earth Captured by Spacecraft

I tried pasting the article twice and it froze both times. Can a blue namer link the video? Phone Post 3.0

In August of 2005, one year after being launched into space, the NASA spacecraft MESSENGER performed a gravity assist swing-by of our little blue planet. As it drifted away from Earth on its way to Mercury, MESSENGER proceeded to capture hundreds of stunning photos, many of which have been compiled into this amazing time-lapse view of Earth.

The photos, 358 in all, were taken with MESSENGER’s Mercury Dual Imaging System (or MDIS), which consists of one wide and one narrow angle CCD camera. The system was built to photograph and map the surface of Mercury (something it has since accomplished over the course of some 2225 orbits) but in this case the folks at NASA pointed the wide angle camera back home. Phone Post 3.0

There are a lot of videos of earth from the ISS. One of them was at night when they were passing over Asia. The whole continent was lit up except for north korea. Completely dark