i ordered a book from these guys, uchimata from the masterclass series, and it came in spanish. Now they're telling me that's the only way it comes from them. Are these guys hustlin me? Has anyone here bought uchimata from them in english?

I only buy those books from

LMAO! There made in the UK

Dude, you're reading it UPSIDE DOWN! Turn it over.

but seriously, I have several of thosw masterclass books-in English. You should get a refund. is where I get mine (in English).

I have all the masterclass books, and I think it would be cool to have them in Spanish, as well.

Cid Gumban

if i was you i'd bitch like none other. make them send you a return postage sticker and send it back for a full refund.


The same thing happened to me: I ordered Harai-Goshi and I got the Spanish version.

They gave me a return sticker and told me they'd mail me the English version ASAP.

Me thinks someone over there at Amazon goofed up and ordered a gross of Masterclass books without checking certain details (like what language they were in).

Bah, i wrote these people a letter bitching about recieving a book that was used and in Spanish. In return, they sent me another uchimata, new this time, but again in Spanish. Stay away from Amazon!

Anyone interested in a spanish uchimata?:)