Amazon Get Titanfall on PC for $10

VIDEO: Titanfall - Video Review [04:38]

Amazon's current sale on digital games is offering Titanfall on PC for $10.

If you don't already own the game, that's the cheapest price we've seen for it yet, and now's a good time to jump in. All the expansions for the game—Expedition, Frontier's Edge, and IMC Rising—have been released, and Frontier Defense, a cooperative mode where you and three friends battle waves of AI, was recently added to the game in a free update.

Other highlights from Amazon's sale include Bioshock Infinite for $7.50, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for $6.79, Battlefield 4 for $19.49, and Mass Effect 3 for $8. You can find the full list of deals on Amazon.

For even more great deals, check out the Halloween-themed sales from GOG and Steam.

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great price but Titanfall is all but dead on pc

Yeah it is sadly. Once you maxed out your rank there was nothing left to do. Phone Post 3.0

Voted up, thx

Sad cause it was a great shooter! Phone Post 3.0