said she can get it to me for $7.36/4pk. thing is i need to order 120 4pks. me want the RAW and am planning to order.

nc? you wanna alert the fleet?

was gonna send out a text to everybody, but figured this would be easier. kteam? kteam lurkers. text me...

Damn really? I shit you not that stuff was $5.29 back in cali. Damn like gas prices I wonder I havent had a bowl in close to a year :-(

yeah mt, it goes up more than a buck because of shipping. sucks monkey balls.

well at least your getting the good shit, even the KFC 2pc unfried meal deal.. $2.99 on tv. Over here $3.99 for a little skimpy ass box of chicken.
Chicken was pretty damn good tho, skinless and kind of huli huli style.

popeyes 11pc wing deal is best. 12.99 or something like that. oh yes

FCTV808 - popeyes 11pc wing deal is best. 12.99 or something like that. oh yes

popeyes was good the other day perfect place to go to after training at ronns

goddamn you went? dang

FCTV808 - goddamn you went? dang

we have to go next week

greatest words of wisdom ever.

where is Ronns new place?

check out for directions.

Count me in for as many as you need to get rid of.

On a side note, I tried Popeye's Chicken for the first time EVER last week. Needless to say, I've been missing out!...oh man, that would go down nicely this afternoon...