Amazon Returns is Amazing.

I bought some Rainbow flip flops last week for my trip to NY, I got them last Thursday and they were to small. So I went to Kohls and bought a pair.

Today, I went on amazon to file a return. Printed a shipping ticket and dropped it off at UPS.

By the time I got home I already had an email saying my bank account was credited.

Add having Prime to that and they are the best retailer in the world, IMO.

Cool story, bro. Phone Post 3.0

You can also get instant credit before they even receive package Phone Post 3.0

If your feet don't fit into the standard size rainbow flip flops you can get on Amazon, we don't want you participating at our pride event anyway.

Theyll take back all those butt plugs that arent quite snug enough as well OP, or so Ive heard...

Shit Ive been wearing my Rainbow flip flops since before the faggots made the name rainbow gay.

Agreed. Wife bought a couple of bathing suits on the cheap, and when they were shit compared to her Victoria' Secret stuff, she got to return them. So, ordered Sunday, got here Tuesday, had my credit back by Wed. evening. And I didn't have to set one foot in a mall or go shopping. Fucking loving Amazon.


They have decent coupons, and frequent enough sales, but when I have to add a bunch of shit I don't necessarily want or need to get my household goods because of that butt-fucked "add-on" program, I get a touch testy. Even with Prime.

Mihow - Rainbow flip flops

Agreed, they do make it easy Phone Post 3.0