AMC Apes: How much are you holding?

I’m in for 1500 shares.

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500, was pretty timid in the beginning. Wish I had bought a lot more. Still holding onto 420 gme like a true retard.

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Grab your popcorn, the fun starts Saturday.

I sold. I tried to avoid that type of hype where it plummets instead of mooning it. Sorta like CCIV.

I don’t think it’s hype, time for the chickens to come home. Fingers crossed, I believe the numbers add up. 280 million buys today before the weekend, and some serious fund buys. When there is blood in the water the sharks circle, always a good sign.


I am out at $14.30.
We will see small pushes as alt coin and btc, reddit folks come through.

Musk has folks making good money as he controls the unregulated pump and dump dynamics of crypto. Showing China how strong his flex is as contract negotiations falter.

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$15.50 AH today. Let’s make it a good week!


Got in at $14.50 and out at $11 something. I couldn’t keep up with stocks crypto and sportsbetting. When I get back in it will probably be low maintenance index stuff but if you made money I’m happy for you.

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Each to his own sir, you know what strategy makes you comfortable.

Hoping we go past 20 this week


I’ll sell at $42.069

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My ladder for selling is:

After this keep 100 shares in case it goes crazy.


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Since we last spoke gentlemen, it more than doubled. We are touching 30 USD today.


I’m only in for 85 shares.

I’m trying really hard not to paperhands, but fuck if I’m going to be a bagholder either.

I like ConradB’s ladder strategy

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100 shares @ $7

I sold today after holding for over a month. Let’s just say it worked out well.

I’m honestly getting close to the point of stepping down from my day job. The markets and crypto have been great for me this past 12 months.

I just think what I could be making it I invested 10 hours a day into trading compared to maybe 2 now while I’m trying to work my regular job.

It’s a scary feeling though. I want to make sure I have a bankroll as backup to cover a years wages that I’m not trading with before I do it.

Edit - 150 shares plus some options I exercised today.

Good luck mate, don’t get greedy, take small chunks of profit often.

I shamefully only purchased 207. Wish I had bought more when it dipped a little while back, but I am holding until 500k, so it all works out. If my estimations are correct I should have $103,500,000 when this is all over :monkey:


I have a little over 1k purchased at at ~4, ~ 8, and some around 14 most of the shares are at the lower price

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