$AMC at $7.00 AH I told you to buy at $3.50!


Glad to see it going up a bit again. Would be nice to close above $50.

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I havent been keeping up to date on this stock.

Wtf are we projecting right now? Is it going to squeeze to 100+ or do we dump?

Zned exclaimed that it likely won’t hit above 75. Take your money and run.

AMC came back today and closed up 16% just under 50. All the other meme stocks were flat.

I’m waiting for the same thing, once it hits 150 to remind ‘the self claimed god of trading’ of his statement.


So what does the week ahead have in store for AMC?

I’m off tomorrow so I plan to keep a pretty regular eye on the market throughout the day

Anyone have a limit sell order placed? I’m thinking of setting one at $90.

I bought at $8 and $14.50

I think gamma squeeze will start to happen as there are lots of calls in the money. Hopefully this can push the short squeeze. My estimate is 65-70 this week at minimum.


No, my first sell 200 shares will be at 150 USD, 200 more at 500 USD, 200 more at 1000 USD and so forth


I’ll likely sell half at $1000. But will be keeping an eye to see if it could go to around the $2k range, and reevaluate exit strategy

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I’m waiting until it hits a million.

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Maybe even a billion, we’ll see how things look at a million and re-evaluate.


You could at least troll with the $100k people think it would reach.

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In the market anything is possible. I’m sure people would have never thought or imagined having Berkshire Hathaway trading at $426,000 per share.

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I sold mine a week or so ago at $58. Bought during the pandemic at $4 and made a nice chunk of change. Should I get back in?


Nice! According to analysts who are invested in AMC, they predict prices could go above $150+. So you could get a nice chunk of money as well.

Any sort of prediction on a timeline for that?

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There is no set timeline. We will find out this Friday since there is a good number of options set to expire. But the community has been pretty good at buying the dips, including myself. I just dont have any more money to pump into it lol

Didn’t that start high

In the 60s it traded for roughly $13. And even in the 52 week it was around $263k it is still a tremendous gain of close to $161k.

My point is that AMC can get to at least $1000