$AMC at $7.00 AH I told you to buy at $3.50!

Things reopened and I am still getting close to my prediction.

Is AMC at $1000.00 yet? Fucking cucks! LOL
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@forumnewb posted I didn’t think this was coming this week
doesn’t change much it just shows that retail is there to be milked up and down by players

The SEC has charged broker-dealer TradeZero America Inc., and its co-founder, Daniel Pipitone, with falsely stating to the firm’s customers that they didn’t restrict the customers’ purchases of meme stocks like $AMC, $GME, in 2021 when in fact they did.

A 100k fine? That’ll really show em! What a joke.


I dont know if anyone is paying attention…Its still early.

I have 1 share. I am down $15.33, maybe it’s time for me to reclaim my rightful place as a $30 a share stock holder


Ive become an AMC stock fan…

I think that the environment is right for a big rally.


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