AMD vs Intel

Personally Im a BIG AMD fan

ive only owned one Intel CPu and that was a P 120 mhz lol

Ive owned an AMD 233, 500 1.4 and now the 2700 XP

ive had nothing but success and cant complain

im slowly getting into video editing but i'll never be able to bring myself to buy a Intel CPU even if they are alittle bit better for video editing

i like the bang for ur buck with AMD, cant wait to buy an AMD64, u better hurry the fuck up MS with WinXP64

whats the common CPu choice of the techies on the forum

gamers of course gotta go with AMD

Whenever is the better buy at the time to be honest.

Right now I am running a Pent 4 2.6 overclocked to 2.92 and has been running strong for awhile, I enjoy it.

to each his own,

but hard press to find a P4 CPU cheaper then AMD then is comparable, well not talking about teh AMD64 CPU's

Yeah, it really depends on the deal at the time. Right now, it's hard to beat an XP 2500, for $80, overclocked to a 3200. I built a couple cheap systems recently for friends and that choice was a no-brainer.

I've always heard P4's are better for video encoding, but I haven't done it on a P4 myself, so I can't comment on it. I have my 2800 overclocked to about 20% faster than a 3200. I do quite a bit of DivX encoding and it'll get it done faster than real-time (usually takes me about 75% of the length of the movie), so I don't have any complaints. To make an Intel machine that fast would cost 2 or 3 times as much, even with overclocking.

ttt for more info

i finally sold my first AMD64 MAchine

AMD64 3200, 1GB DDR-400, MSI kT8 board, ATI 9600 ALL in Wonder

120GB WD HDD w/8MB Cache and LG 8X DVD Burner

1699+ tax


jerkie: nice!

thankx man

i love this shit

working on my business plan to try and start my own IT shop

i think i could take over where i live, everyone loves to deal with me and only me and i think im by far the most knowledgable guy in my field where i live

so i want to make the cash for myself, not my cock sucker boss

Intel is better if you compile your own codes. The Intel compilers are FAST. This is only a few people, but the lesson is still there: Never forget the effect that compilers or math libraries can have on a processor.

not anymore, AMD64 baby

same compnay doing/did the compiler for AMD that did intel

forget the name

Intel is still good for many things, plus the name cachet is still heavy with some segments (like businesses).

HOWEVER AMD delivers a better price/performance ratio both at the CPU and finished system (due to the $ saved on the CPU being able to be put towards more RAM, HD, Video, etc.) price points.

And of course they still have the fastest CPU title for the time being, until Intel comes out with their next surprise. But times are changing, slowly server companies are adopting AMD, Even HP has gotten in the act with low end Opteron clusters.

You're gonna deliver better value to your customers at all price points with AMD based systems. Especially important given that it will enable you to make your prices more appealing (due to lower CPU cost) - because mail order and big box stores (Walmart, Costco etc.) are offering cheaper and cheaper brand name systems these days. You need every advantage you can get to overcome buyer apprehension and get them to give you the purchase. AMD will give you two - better performance for the money and a lower overall system cost.

Really Jerkie, do you have a link? Are there math libraries too? I would be interested.

The Intel compiler blew away all of the others - Portland, Absoft, NAG, and gnu (for fortran, less for C). BUt it did have its kinks for a while. So (if I were using compiler) you'd have to show me that the AMD compiler was stable first.


i cant remember dude

i read it on www.theinquirer,net

check and see if they have it still listed in a story

gotta love AMD's 3 calc's a sec compared to Intels 1

that why intel in the higher MHz

ill see if i can find it for ya though dude

but check out that site, see if its in there database

I see it now. It's the same people who made the SGI compiler. In my experience, the SGI compiler and math libraries are pretty damned good. If nothing else, SGI compilers are a lot more developer-friendly than Intel compilers. I don't know if SGI compilers are better than Intel for x86, but on the same level. The Intel compiler for Itanium is not yet as powerful as the Intel for x86 compiler anyway.

This is good news for AMD.

sweeeeeeeeeeet eh!



im a big AMD fan, guess i always like the underdog

anyone tryout the Windows 64 off MS website yet

i got it downloaded, gonna try it out on the AMD 64 3200 i got ordered in for a customer

got a review of it

saying that driver problems (lack of support) and lack of software

UT 64 where are u?

Intel has more than one ace up their sleeves for this year.

The main problem I have with AMD chips is heat which has been a problem way back when I was building systems on the VX-pro boards. Had to be the first overclockable board as I was doing it in 1995. Heat is still a problem and I don't like how an amd cpu will not throttle down like a pentium if something happens like a stray wire stopping the cpu fan.

I have amd cpus but I find less stability with them and they hiccup when I try to stream 16 tracks at 96khz in 24 bits out of two adat cards. The pentium 3 of a much slower speed has no problems doing that and the latency seems a lot lower.

Ponyboy, lets see

heat isnt a problem with the AMD chips anymore, never rteally was, unless using shit boards

also the ne prescott cpu thats released is alot hotter, uses more wattage and isnt that much faster then the northwood chips

the CPU;s and boards for AMD got safety cut offs just like Intel for heat

i suggest u read alittle further into teh Athlon, Hammer cpu's

i've used AMD cpu's since the 233, never any hickups, never heat problems that machine only died a few months ago, board died, it was 8 yrs old and ran almost 24/7 as a server

I have read further and was working with AMD cpus since they were re-badged as IBM chips running sub 100mhz. Heat has always been a problem and they have always been outperformed in graphics intensive programs as well as not being the choice for serious audio PCs. Like I said, my pentium 3 outperforms my athlon of twice the processor speed music programs.

Do you even know how much throughput 16 channels of ADAT at 24 bits and 96khz is?

Answer is more than most athlons can handle but not enough to choke out a pentium 3.

Do you even know how much throughput 16 channels of ADAT at 24 bits and 96khz is?

nope, can u itell me plz

i was talking more about heat problems then audio performance