American Beauty

Did you like it?

Yes or no, why?

Sigh... only two answers, both incomplete... where are the "becauseĀ“s" ?

I thought it was a brilliant film. The acting was top notch. The depiction of the suburbs hiding all of the wounded, screwed up people was great. The finding of love and beauty in the simplest of things was profound. The rejection of materialsm and consumerism, was powerful, but then the absence of anything to fill the void resulting in even deeper meaninglessness was even more powerful. The lure of youth on middle aged men was portrayed intensely, and then the reality illustrated very well also. It was amazingly shot, maybe the best cinematography ever. Is one of my top ten movies, but not as good as Delicateson, or City of Lost Children. As good as Amelie, Snatch, Dangerous Liasons, and fight club. As disturbing as Kids, Sid and Nancy, and Basketball Diaries.

how was that

the rev

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That is great, Rev. ;-)

I have a friend that is the only son of a military father.

He was profounded shocked by the single thought of a military man hidden in the closet.