American Fighter is the new Tapout/affliction

Usually accompanied with a pair of jeans with holes from the factory and shiny back pockets with crosses on thrm Phone Post 3.0

It's really funny you mention this. Yesterday, I saw two middle-aged fat guys with mullets wearing matching AF shirts. Even had the jeans on point. I thought they stopped making those shirts. Either way props to Rich Franklin much success deserved. Phone Post 3.0

Pics Phone Post 3.0

Just read an,article that says affliction is a partner of American fighter Phone Post 3.0

Not sure what's going on here with the timing but Sunday I was at an event and bunch of the white sunglasses wearing wanna be tough guy douche bags were wearing American Fighter shirts. Came to the same conclusion as above posters.

I'm getting old. Anything time I see anything fight related anymore, I roll my eyes. 

I'm pretty sure affliction purchased controlling interest from franklin. Phone Post 3.0

I saw a dude fitting that exact description downtown Toronto. He also had a pair of oakleys on Phone Post 3.0

I always chuckle to myself when I see this. Affliction shirts with bedazzled jeans and white sunglasses is the douchebag uniform Phone Post 3.0

I work at a gay bar and gay men can't get enough of these shirts.
Makes me laugh when I see dudes with them on outside of the bar. Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

Affliction bought American Fighter and the shirts went from the "one time at fight camp" to the typical skulls, crosses, bones stupid design like every other shirt. They suck now and Franklin is no
Longer affiliated although he gets a small percent in sales. Phone Post 3.0