American horror Story:HOTEL season..??

noticed no one has created a thread for this season of American Horror Story..i liked season 4 but the last 4-5 episodes just went south..tuned into the debut episode of season 5 Hotel and have to admit, it was AWFUL!i was interested to se how they would center this season as it has or had the possibility of being very creepy if done correctly...instead, we get lame characters, over the top sexual violence and a very strong lean towards homosexuality ..i almost turned it off about an hour through but the serial kiler hunting or harassing the detective kind of kept me interested enough to keep it on..overall though a terrible first episode and i dont have high hopes for this season..

did anyone else watch it?did anyone like it?its getting trashed by critics and on other forums i go to..

Lady Gaga is ugly as fuck is what I got out of it. The kids seemed to cliche, but the season preview at the end seemed promising. Will give it a couple more episodes. Phone Post 3.0

Someone did already create a thread.. Ill try to bump it. Phone Post 3.0