American idiot living in Mexico drives through police checkpoint and yells at their police


Those idiot parents could’ve had their own children killed …unbelievable…what was the reason for them ignoring the checkpoint?

Also towards the end of video you can see one of the child’s legs and they’re so skinny as if the kid is malnourished…possibly child neglect

Fucking Mormons and their 15 kids.


After reading a little, dude is some sovereign citizen type with like 250K youtube subscribers. He fled to Mexico to avoid some US charges and is doing this shit regularly down there. He will die.

“Tu es en MUUUUEEY Trouble, Senior.” lol Just about choked on my own spit here…

A couple questions. First: It appears the barrier was already down with a red X lit up and the guard looked to have his hand up in a “stop” position. Why keep driving?
Second: How is it that he just drives away and he wasnt arrested on the spot? Is it cause the cop broke the window and thats a no-no for them so they let him go?

I’m honestly surprised they just let him go…

Got a link? I feel like his channel might be a gold mine…

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Please link this. This is classic

Kids weren’t even in car seats except for the really young one. Wtf?

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The entitlement is hilarious. The kids are gonna be fucked up because of their cunt parents

You hurt my baby!!!

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That was sad to watch.

OK that was fucking absurd.
Look what I caused! How dare you!

I would subscribe to that channel and watch every video 10x if there was a guarantee that w/in 6 months I could see him get shot or severely beat up on camera.

Pretty good chance of that

This guy sounds like a real moonbat

His channel hurt my brain. Those poor kids.


most annoying part of the video is his Spanish. Not wise to be drawing all that attention, especially with all those kids. Every once in awhile an abrupt act of defiance can catch a predator off guard, but he’s playing a dangerous game, basically I look at this as the Grizzly Man of Mexico.

this guy gives me tiger king vibes