American League Wild Card

This is gonna be fun! Bosox, Twins, and Chisox all tied as of today. Can't wait for September...GO TWINS!!!

go twins, they rule

Third vote for the Twins right here.  Do it for Kirby!

wow, so much hate for no reason...u have issues bud

how the hell do you get shutout by the blue jays without roy Halladay on the mound, that must be a first this year.

but as a white sox fan you should respect the Twins, ozzie has admitted to adapting their philosphy of baseball.

Twins Yeay!

I'd be very imrpesse dif the twins won, a lot of people didn't give them a chnace with the offense they had on paper at the beginning of the year. Their pitchign ahs been good for awhile but now we see the emergenc eof Mauer and Morneau, and they are looking like a legitimate threat to win the world series.

looks good for the twins now, the tigers are starting to slump, hopefully by the end of the year the sox and the twins will be in the playoffs.

The AL is up in the air, I think anyone can take it in the playoffs. So who will play the Mets for the World Series,lol?