American Marxism: Mark Levin

Very important. Watch. All truth.


I’m not worried about Biden. I am worried about the next generation of open Marxists and Socialists behind him and the older establishment left that use violence to get their way.

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Well Biden is the transitional dying dog which represents the old America that is supposed to lay down and die. It’s all so very symbolic.

Levin is on point but unfortunately his belief that the right should fight the left using their tactics is not reality. Racial (and class) warfare works and the right does not have an effective ability to oppose it when the vast majority of Americans get their news from the propagandist media.

The media and big tech are not just parroting Dem talking points, they are actively working with the left to silence people and hide anything that is damaging to their political ideology. It is completely fucked up.

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Part of what makes Biden so dangerous is that people aren’t worried about him, but he seems to be led by the next generation of open Marxists and socialists

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Preordered. Mark Levin is a great American!