American spies comment on Trump

mrblonde1281 -

It’s disinformation that happens to all be true and authentic lol. 


True and authentic = FAIR AND BALANCED!

RedGone -

Maybe it’s my mood tonight but whatever. Even if Trump wins, the inevitable is still simply being delayed. Until the Dems have to play fair with the education system, from university on down - until the Dems catch a balance in media (yeah I know, Fox News bla bla bla, 1 outlet looking up at a mountain of teamwork outlets) - unless something changes with that, a terrible result is inevitable.

Always disliked Trump. I’m still voting for him and straight R ticket tho. Both of those are a first for me. It’s what has to be done at this time. 

The current D is the worst thing going, by a wide margin.

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Biden is worthless. But Trump is malicious.

GarlicSauce -
AnthonyWeiner - Oh, look, it's Russia again. Putin, you silly goose!

$100 says this comes from a Russian IP like Oranos's.

So you can’t refute anything from the DNI, DOJ, or FBI that says there is no indication it’s Russian disinformation? 


Ignore the content attack the source it’s 2016 and DNC/Clinton emails all over again.