American Warrior Free Fighting?

I picked up "American Warrior" recently, the autobiography of CWO5 Gary O'Neal.

O'Neal's definitely a badass: elected by his peers to the 75th Ranger Regiment Hall of Fame, multiple combat tours of Vietnam, Silver and Bronze stars, served in both Special Forces and Ranger units, etc.

He talked about developing and teaching his own martial arts system: American Warrior Free Fighting. Some of what he discusses sounds really good: incorporating situational awareness and weapons (i.e, firearms) proficiency into training.

But while he says he has multiple black belts, the only ones he mentions are in Hwarangdo and something called American karate-do. That made me wonder about the content of what he teaches.

Anyway, I couldn't find much about American Warrior Free Fighting on the Internet and I wondered if anyone here had trained in it or even just seen it.