American women in a 28sec clip

A while back I saw a vid of a women with her BF at some festive. They were letting go those paper laterns that float off into the sky.

So she is holding this lantern and she says “you know I read that these things can cause a fire. I dont think I should let it go”. The whole point of the latern is to let it go float off into the sky and she is just holding it. She then says “its starting to burn my hand(talking about the fire”. So her BF says “so let it go then”. She says “I dont want to”. So he says “Then drop it on the ground so we can put it out”. She again says “i dont want to”.

So this dumb women knows she has 2 options that will get her out of this situation. She can let it go so it can float off like it is supposed to or she can put it on the group so they can stomp out the fire. Does she do those 2 things? No she elects to take the 3rd option…just stand there holding a paper lantern that is burning her hands because she cant make a basic choice. So she is complaining about her own inactions.

Its at this point her BF just takes it from her and stomps on it. She just stood there.


Just brutal. A woman like that needs a slap across the face from a prime Sean Connery.


Have to disagree.

Many smart and succesful women in America.

The lack of any kind of ability combined with the complete propaganda our society constantly feeds them about how awesome they are just for existing is ridiculous

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There are no good dogs in America

LMAO! That’s great stuff right there.

That gal ain’t from Nola… She would know how to cook if she were

My microwave actually has a setting like that for things like soup. It somehow can tell how hot the soup is by the air cunning off it.

So they claim, any way. I couldn’t figure out how to use it.

Dumb cunt. But 96.72% of male humans would marry her right now after watching this video with no conditions. So…who’s fault is it?


Help help help help! Help im a dumb useless cunt!

Aint that the truth, men are just as dumb. Why you always hear crying about she left me!!.. well try not dating a hot chick with no talent other then sucking cock and getting her butthole licked.

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I was at a friend’s house once and he was cooking sausage in the oven. I was watching it when it burst and sprayed grease all over the inside of the oven.

I pointed it out right as the grease caught on fire. My friend took a few steps towards the sink. Then he froze. Ran back to the oven. Ran to the sink. Ran to the oven.

The fire went out on its own. To this day he talks about how calm I was while his oven was burning. I just tell him it wasn’t my house that was going to burn down.

Social media will be credited with the demise of modern society.


I love the milf that gets her hair caught in the blender. I remember a boxer (doggie, not fighter) in the background looking very concerned.

I would have taken advantage of the situation. Mom was hot.


Haha that boxer was the highlight of that vid - over the hot milf.

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Yep, I watched an entire room of women panic when a wicker chair with some really flammable hide-type blanket caught fire in the living room. Women losing their mind, OMG, shrieking as the fire grows larger…

Father just grabbed the chair and calmly walked it out the open sliding glass door and tossed it into the yard and said, “there.”

His eyes were bugging out!

He didn’t know if he should

  1. help human
  2. take that sweet ass while he has a chance
  3. eat the frosting

He froze. Did nothing. The dog did a rose/carla.

Remember when they used to put burgers in some sort of foil hybrid paper? I think it was Wendy’s. Some chick at work slaps one into the microwave and stands there watching as it fucking zaps for a minute straight.

I’d still hit it, but I’m definitely pulling out. I don’t want to be responsible for propogating her stupid genes.

Why are you blaming her for trying to cook? How else are you gonna learn?