American women in a 28sec clip

I thought it looked staged to go viral…

My g/f will do the same thing but with the oven.

The other night she decided to make some boneless wings we had. The timer went off and she’s like, “they’re not done yet, they’ll be done by the time I get done watering the flowers”.

She was outside 20 minutes. I turned the oven off because they were done after 3.

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Women love attention. Men love to give attention.

Internet put a super charger on those natural traits.

I wonder what the life will be like in 20 years down the line.

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Screen name checks out

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How manny fine maidens saved on the internet today good sir?

Yes, but for every bit of smarts and/or success they have, there is some other aspect about them that is the complete opposite.

Every smart woman I know is a complete retard when it comes to something else.

Every successful woman I know is a complete failure in something else in their life.

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And now she thinks she was right unless you corrected her.

I had a friend that had an ant problem. He wanted to put out poison, but his wife, a budding hypnotist, insisted on talking to the ants and asking them to find another home.

He let her have a conversation with the ants then poisoned them while she was away. To this day she’s convinced the ants were reasonable and left when she asked.