Americans are encouraged to give away their assault weapons to Ukrainians on Facebook?

anybody received that?

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Yeah they scream, “your stupid ar’s would never work against the military!” But want us to give them to Ukrainians to - use against a military.


Sure they wouldn’t. You’d need nukes and F15’s, according to Biden

But how would we protect ourselves from white supremacists???

— sarcasm

That’s not many assault rifles since very few americans can and do own one. Unless they mean assualt knives and assult vans…

Yeah because ITAR totally isnt a thing…

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40B wasn’t enough for these mooches?


Doesn’t that require a background check?



And 3 months minimum…

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no AR owner anywhere would do that. Let’s be clear here…they wouldn’t do it for the US either.

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I’ve legally changed my name to Ukraine, so everyone can send me their rifles

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Yep, 99% of soldiers in this war have a rifle on them at all times but they’re useless in modern wars.


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1 man named Leo Major ( nationality isn’t important) liberated an entire dutch occupied town all by himself starting with 2 stens and a bag of grenades…

Sounds like he was American

Guess again…

We def don’t need guns. We will, however, need food, water, heat and medicine when the time comes.

I had some conversations with relatives the last few days after grandmother passed, these are the elders. They drank from rivers, creeks etc and didn’t get beaver fever like we do these days… Although I have drank from mountain creeks and not gotten sick. But obviously todays rivers with sewage treated water sent back into them can’t help with bacteria. And I kinda know the whole industry.