Americans need to suffer like rocky balboa in order to make change

America right now is like rocky in rocky 3. We are living too well and lost the hunger. We need to taste defeat in order to come back stronger and defeat the disgusting people in power.


Our ancestors would be disgusted with what we have become


100% and it will happen VERY suddenly which is exactly why we should be prepared because it is coming and it will be a completely self inflicted wound that could have been prevented but unchecked capatalism and corruption will never end well.

I think Thomas Kuhn’s model of scientific revolution applies in some ways to any hierarchical structure of power. Power first and foremost protects itself. This causes indentured power structures to rigidify and resist evolution. But the pressure to evolve continues to build until it can no longer be contained and eventually revolution takes place. The problem is, politics isn’t science. Science has an objective method of truth seeking which in the long run will almost always become accepted if it passes muster. This ensures that revolution in science is inherently progressive, however in politics, there is no such mechanism and it’s not only possible, but probable that the thing that succeeds in revolution is actually worse that what it replaced. Examples would be the Russian revolution of 1915, the communist revolution in China, etc, etc, etc…

That’s why politics needs baked in mechanisms for evolution; like a pressure relief valve in a hydraulic system. The closest thing humans have built to that effect is the American constitution and its power limiting features, but even its ability limit government power has been diminished greatly.

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