America's Army

I DL'd a multiplayer game called America's Army, which is listed as the 'official U.S. Army game'.

It's unlike any game I've ever played, and in some ways, it doesn't seem like a 'game', but like an actual simulator to test your combat responses and actions(of course, without your actual life on the line).

You have to complete missions to build your skills, some of which are straight up 'tests', which require answering field-related questions, such as for medics.

During one of my training missions(MP assault), I asked the group if anyone was actually in the army, and a couple guys said they were. I had no reason to disbelieve them.

Any military people here know of this game, and do you ever play it? If so, what's your opinion of the game?

I tried it but could not get it to work properly.

i like it quite a bit. especially the price tag!

Great game. Haven't played it in a while though.

Armbreaker...awesome post bud.

I'm still just trying to learn the system and get my honor up(its only 11 lol), but at least now I have more of a handle on what is required. I also can't use any of the weapons you mentioned, I'm assuming until I get my damn training done, but I'm all over the sniper rifle when I finally get it.(I'm the master when it comes to sniping in rtcw:et) :)

I'm going to set my key bindings when I log in tonight.

Couple of questions for ya though.

The group within the can I tell who's in my specific group when the level starts? The only icon I see which gives me any sense of team/group location is what looks like a seargant icon in the direction bar up top(team leader I assumed, is that group leader?).

Enemy identification is a BITCH, unless I'm up close and have the red/green marker. Does the distance of your target marker get longer as you gain skill?

I've seen people 'report in', and I've tried asking team a coordinate during first team training mission(there was a guy in church tower, and I asked team if anyone was up there, but didn't get a response. Not knowing if anyone actually noticed my message, I didn't want to risk getting roe against me so I didn't shoot him). I'm sure that will factor into the game much more when I rise in rank and play with more people who know the game.

And LOL @ Hooah!...spoken like a true vet.

"Make your own key bindings. EVERY key on my keyboard is bound to something. I have every possible thing I could think of to say bound to the keys. Everything from "Enemy spotted on North Upper Ledgge", to "Enemy Sniper Down!". "

How do u make a key binding?

We should all add 'OG' to the end of our usernames


"so if i wanted to bind my F5 key to do what i mentioned above, i would write...

bind F5 teamsay enemy spotted to my northeast | reportin "

Sp u type the above in exactly? Or do you type "u" for 'reportin' ?