Please help us congratulate the top 14 and under children, with the highest combined Gi and No Gi point total for 2003 (Alphabetic Order).

Christopher Dranka - Combat-Do
Yoni Ginor - Tiger Schulmann Karate
Jordan Ginor - Tiger Schulann Karate
Marcos Gomes - Dragon's Lair
Gianny Grippo - Renzo Gracie
Calvin Harbaugh - Tai-Kai
Timothy Leavy - Team Extreme
Sal Reyes - Combat-Do
Jay Speight - Team Extreme
Mike Trasso - Team Mike Mrkulic/RGDA
Christian Bouquet - Clemente's Vale Tudo

Here are the top five, 15-17 year old teen-men with the highest combined Gi and No Gi point total (in alphabetical order).
Liam Kerrigan - NJ IMB/CABECA 
Nick Miller - Sekai 
Eddie Fyvie Jr. - Renzo Gracie
Jimmy Rivera - Tiger Schulmann Karate
Jesse Dallago - Tiger Schulmann Karate
Here are the top five, 15-17 year old teen-women with the highest combined Gi and No Gi point total (in alphabetical order).
Amy Turton - NJ IMB/CABECA 
Renee Sabatini - NJ IMB/CABECA 
Debora Magalhaes - Dragon's Lair
Christy Speight - Team Extreme

All of these fighters will be recieving an award this weekend at the NAGA World Championships.

Congratulations to all!


Any sense of the weights of these kids? Is age the only relevant factor?

Remember Mike Trasso's name. Give this kid a couple of years and he'll be terrorizing the grappling circuit (he already is, in the junior ranks).

god stuff! congrats. :-)

Get ready guys because my student Tyler is 11 and will be on that list next year.Believe me when i say that this kid is going to be someone to watch in the future. The kids are the best bottom line.

Andrew Calandrelli - Team Renzo Gracie




ttt for the kids

Combat-Do of Chicago is a great school!

What are the weight classes?



congrats to all the kids! they are AWSOME and they are the future of this great sport.

i have had the chance to see many of these kids compete and i am so happy for the future of the sport.

grappling magazine should do a special on these awsome grapplers.

keep up the great work!!!!!!!

hey chris! its nice to see little chris' name in there.
how old is he now? how many tournemants has he competed in now? whats his record?

My instructor was a kids champion a few years ago! Man that makes me sound terrible!


whats up tops? nice to see you here. he is 6 yrs old now. he has grappled in 23 grappling tourneys 48-8 (45 wins via sub) pankration 8-0 (7 wins via sub)
tkd 3-0, boxing 4-0, wrestling 22-3 (17 pins)03-04 season.
are you gonna come down for naga chicago? we would love for you to take some pictures.


Wow, congrats to them all. Still though, I'm curious how many kids who start so young end up burning out.