America's Top MMA Gyms?

Question for the brain trust here...  What do you think are the best MMA gyms in America?

I'm west coast bias due to my location, but some of the tops I know of are:

- Cesar Gracie's GracieFighter gyms

- LegendsMMA

- Team Quest Temecula

- Greg Jackson's Camp

- Team Quest Oregon

- The Florida Gym that Kang is out of.

  • Minnesota Martial Arts Academy

Team Quest, MFS and ATT take some beating.

The pit

Team Quest

Team Punishment

Greg Jackson



edited to add AKA



oh yeah.  MFS.. how could I forget them.

Also, I always get ATT and FFA mixed up.

WHO ELSE?  What are some of the better, yet lesser known gyms?

Minnesota Martial Arts Academy - like The MN Kid said.

Sean Sherk, Nick Thompson, Nat McIntyre (MT champion), Saul Mitchell (MT champion), etc...

Xtreme Couture's in Vegas

Brock Larson/Lesnar and the one and only Caleb Quinn.