Ameutur Prelim fights needed

If your an amature and want to get experience on a nice Pro show in Decatur Illinois in June, email me at sfcchamp135@aol. For amatures, i will cover hotel and gas, and i will match you up fairly. My show will be called "Courage Fighting Championships"

My goal is to be a major player in a quality show in the midwest, with no funny business. After 9 Pro fights, as much as i hate to admit it, I'm pretty much done fighting, because of a back injury. (unless the doctors can come up with a cure, to re-attach muscle that snapped, and is still snapped) Focus on Keeping your back and neck strong guys. Educate yourself all you can in this area if you haven't already done so. I've got a school now (coaching), and i'm going to promote shows and do all i can to educate and introduce the public to Mixed Martial Arts, in the most positive way i can. Fighters will not be dissapointed fighting for "Courage Fighting Championships"!! Thanks

Wow im really sorry to hear about your misfortune. Good luck on your show and if you ever need a pro at 185 let me know.

-Charles McCarthy

I appreciate your support. Where is your 185 guy from??

its me. im in miami florida.

cool. I will keep that in mind. Whats your record

can you still fight amateur if you have been paid? i only have 2 fights to my name.

jason,I thought your back was recoverring last I saw you.

jason.. you have mail