Amir Khan vs Dmitri Salita?

Dmitri Salita is the mandatory for Khan's WBA title.

I saw a few of his fights at the start of his career but haven't seen much of him lately. I know he was always touted for big things and I expect he will give Khan a good fight.

Amir Khan is a devout Muslim and Dmitri Salita is a devout Jew. There is potential here for some decent trash talking and animosity.

Although I think both guys are respectful enough not to get into that. If it was Naseem Hamed in the opposite corner to Salita he would be up in his face screaming "Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet" from day 1 press conference.

 Isnt the fight taking place on december 5th i the UK

I don't think things are finalized yet but that is what will probably happen.

Warren wanted to match Khan up with British boxer John Murray.

What a surprise.