Amir Sadollah The Ultimate Fighter 7

The first episode of the newest installment of “The Ultimate Fighter” opens with 16 fighters entering the familiar confines that is the UFC gym. Then another 8 fighters stroll in followed by 8 more. The 32 fighters now present in the gym quickly realize something is amiss with the sheer volume of fighters and express worry at what could happen next.

In walks UFC President Dana White who assembles the fighters and introduces this season’s coaches: Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson. White next informs the fighters that he is sick of people taking the opportunity to be on the show for granted and that everyone will be fighting in 48-hours for their spot in The Ultimate Fighter house. The matchups have already been determined and Jackson and Griffin will observe the bouts before teams are decided following all 16 opening round fights.

The weigh-ins take place the following day and go off without a hitch as all 32 fighters make weight for their fights the following day. Eight opening round bouts air on the debut episode with eight more scheduled for episode two, including a knockout that is being called one of the most brutal in the history of the show.


  • Mike Dolce def. Prince McLean via TKO - Round 1
  • Cale Yarbrough def. John Clarke via TKO - Round 1
  • Amir Sadollah def. Steve Byrnes via submission - Round 2
  • CB Dollaway def. David Baggett via TKO - Round 1
  • Dante Rivera def. John Wood via submission - Round 1
  • Nick Klein def. David Mewborn via submission - Round 1
  • Paul Bradley def. Reggie Orr via unanimous decision
  • Jeremy May def. Dave Roberts via submission - Round 1



Amir sadollah Thanks about Amir on my iranian UFC website


Ali dehghani sheeva or

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 Amir sadollah Thanks about Amir on my iranian UFC website


Ali dehghani sheeva or

"It was a little racist for the coaches to be rooting for the marine against the Muslim. Its like Al qaeda vs. US. I must admit I was rooting against Amir, but he is very strong"

I know you are trolling and all, but where does race come into play with a Muslim and Marine?

I was rooting for Amir

I liked Amir right off because he seemed scrappy and a bit of a geek.,



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He looks and acts like actor Justin Long.

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How is it possible Dolce won a fight?

StretchPlum - How is it possible Dolce won a fight?

LOL! I was asking myself the same question, I expected to see him take yet another loss. But he put the hurt on McLean right from the get-go, almost like he was in a panic not to lose.

Which prompts a question: How many of those 32 fighters quit their jobs and/or turned down other opportunities, thinking they'd been selected for the show, only to find out that they weren't quite there yet? Seriously, the look of panic and shock on some of their faces when DW made the announcement makes me think some of them had given up a lot, thinking that it was a done deal.

Check out what Amir Sadollah had to say about Episode 2: