Lots of guys here gave Steve Brynes crap for losing on TUF. I think he gave Amir a good fight considering, not knowing he was fighting. Steve is very tough, but just got a bad draw.


im just glad he beat CB again, i hate that guy

that was a great 1st fight for the both of them. Back&forthprops 2 both for fighting on short notice.

totally. let's talk about it on tomorrow's show rob!

For sure Mark, Still don't know where to go and what time I should be there?


Amir came off as really humble and very likeable. I hope he does well in the UFC. I'm glad he beat CB, because it would have been a shame for CB to win the "show" since he already lost to Amir.

I was happy as shit. CB's heed needed a little deflating

CB = to much Hype

I really like Amir, he's good for the sport.

Also his post fight interview was Ricky Bobby-esque. Awesome.

Amir is a badass, both of those fellas gave a great fight.

welcome to the HG EPC!

Amir is like a carbon copy of Forrest Griffin's self deprecating humor. Very likable personality and he beat the #1 seed twice.

have to agree, he seems very likeable.

I like baby Amir best. Kidding.

Amir is a stud. I was just talking to Steve on Friday night and told him that his stock rose because he was beating Amir for a good amount of time. Amir is really humble which is nice to see.

DevinS - im just glad he beat CB again, i hate that guy

Cocky buggah that one. I still trying to make my upper lip into a square like he does though............

FCTV808 - welcome to the HG EPC!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Sorry, don't watch TUF. is "Amir" the same "Amir" that trains with Bas? The one that Bas put to sleep in his Big DVDs of combat?

Not sure. He does have slick subs and stand up.

Damn, too many Amirs. Kinda like "John" imo :)