Amosov, Magomedkerimov, Soldic and UFC WW division

27-0 Amosov, 32-6 Magomedkerimov, 20-3 Roberto Soldic… these are the type of fighters you want to see in the UFC fighting for a spot in the top 10 and title shots but the top 20 seeds at any weight can’t really compete with one another in MMA these days thanks to exclusive lucrative contracts offered via four promotions.

Nobody really wanted to see Masvidal get a 2nd title shot and even the casuals know Chandler vs Conor is not a serious WW fight.

The money that keeps these guys competing in Bellator, PFL and ONE is the reason people complain about who is in this or that division or why this or that PPV or Fight Night looks thin.

I’m just saying…UFC will make the big money with Masvidal vs Nate type WW fights while they can and they can always have Neil Magny rematch whoever to fill a Fight Night co-main event spot but divisions busted up in too many promotions keeps too many top seeds away from each other in MMA these days.


Magomedkerimov could be a 3,4 or even 5x PFL champ with a little more luck. He is 13-1 in PFL and is now in his 6th season with them.

Visa issues, injuries, the covid pandemic and an upset KO loss in the finals to someone he already beat 2x are what has kept him as only a 1x PFL champ.

I’m picking Magomedkerimov to win the tourny this year.

Soldic fights former ONE WW champ Kadestam on the the Johnson Moraes card.

Amosov just beat Storley for the 2nd time and will likely defend vs MVP or Jackson next.

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Kadestam upset Soldic.

With MVP gone I guess Jackson is next for Amosov.

Magomedkerimov is now 15-1 in the PFL.

Amosov and Magomedkerimov’s Bellator and PFL runs have to impress everyone.

Its just terrible you can’t watch Edwards, Covington, Shavkat, etc… compete with Amosov, Magomedkerimov and Kadestam.