amount of time spent on technique?

I have a lot more fun using techniques over practicing them, but I'm sure it has it's place. I've seen some BJJ schools that do only 10% rolling which I think is way too low. What percentage of time do you think should be spent on technique vs actual sparring? I'm not just talking about grappling, but striking as well.


I like repetition. I learn better that way.  Gives me more time to find the nuances of each move, I wish we spent more time on it than we do.  We roll maybe 80% of the time in class.

I think the best is to work some on techniques, then have drills and games where you emphasize them and then rolling/submission wrestling where you try to put them into action.

But most competition gyms spend limited time on the pure technique learning part. There's just so much other stuff that has to be taken care of.

I would say 60% Drills / techniques and 20% Position Sparring and 20% free sparring.

Fee sparring makes you good at things you are already know. If you want to explore new techniques and concepts you have to slow down a little.

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50% sparring, 50% everything else.