amputee needs sparring partner



Hey man I would be honored to help you out. However I am not disabled, so I am not sure if that is what you are looking for. I have always been stoked by guys like Kyle Maynard and other disabled combat athletes. I have always believed that BJJ can be learned by anyone. I live outside of DC and train with Roberto Maguilla. We have had many guys from Walter Reed train with us. I will email you with more info. Currently I am a Coast Guard officer, so I have some familiarity with military procedures. Also I have that Friday off.

Lee Synkowski

Ron is not disabled, as you will see. Big difference between Ron and Kyle Maynard or Crutchmaster or midget wrestlers or Manny Reyes.

He needs an able bodied person to hold pads and work demos for the hospital. If you guys live there, it would be good for your gym if you helped out.

btt for you Ron - your spirit is what Martial Arts is really about!

I want to thank you guys for all the help and support you have given. Lee S. has joined on the team to help me give a great demo for these troops. Ill get on forum on the 28th to let the D.C. area know when and on what station it will be televised. In less than 10 hours, someone steps up to support mma and its athletes....amazing.

Mike/Blaze, get ahold of kansetsuwaza. there is going to be fights in tampa on the 18th of feb. im supposed to compete, but doesnt look like the athletic commision will sanction it. thats ok though. the ADA will deal with that end through the courts. i will probably be fighting in tampa in june.

peace momita!

Glad you got things sorted out. Good luck with everything, but with your attitude, I don't think you'll need luck. Keep training hard