I'm going. Where are the fights and how do you find Ernesto Hoost?

Wow it's really busy over here.

Ernesto is at Vos gym, I guess. Fights are all over the place ;-)

For how long?

Do you want to fight or watch?



For about 3 months.

carefull not to get your finger caught in a dyke gorgeous!

I'll remember that. Thank you for your kind words.

Okay - I'm there from mid December to the end of February. Any tips?

Any tips on surviving at a fight in the crowd?

pack your machete and your machine gun..

Could someone direct me to any fight promoters in Amsterdam or around the European area. I'd like to compete in Europe. I'm in Fargo,North Dakota, United Staes of America 5'10 205 pounds (93 kg) with 37 nhb fights

thanks, Bruce Nelson

Try Voss gym in Amsterdam.

Hey there Gorgeous!

I'll be in Amsterdam on Saturday (the 10th of Jan).
I've found a place to train, but would love to catch a fight or two while I'm there as well.
Did you manage to get any info?

Please drop me an email at




Cheers Jayne!

...til then