An athletic blue belt beats Logan and Floyd in the same night in MMA

This is indisputable.

How would a blue belt take Logan down? He wouldn’t


How would you take Floyd down? Floyd has amazing grappling in boxing

Blue belt gets knocked the fok out


There is no one more delusional than blue belts. No one. Even worse than guys who wrestled in high school. I’ve had conversations with blue belts who believe they could not only destroy any boxer who has ever lived, but actually thrash Francis Ngannou if they started from top position. Fucking insane.


Does Logan get 6 months sprawl training first?

tell you what’s insane, son. my pressure from side control

Logan was a champion highschool wrestler and d1 in college. I think he can sprawl


It’s an old OG meme. “You wouldn’t know about it”

"Although he may not look like a typical athlete, it turns out Logan was a total hot-shot in high school athletics. According to Patch, he was an all-star high school football player, and was even better at wrestling. He took fifth place in OHSAA State Championships during his senior year of high school, and ultimately decided to join the wrestling team at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where he enrolled to study industrial engineering.

Apparently, during his short time at Ohio, Logan ended up qualifying for the school’s wrestling championships, according to Metro US. Considering the fact that the school is NCAA-Division 1 for wrestling, that’s a pretty impressive feat. However, the YouTuber ended up deciding to drop out of school in 2014 at the end of his freshman year to move to Los Angeles and further pursue his career as a YouTuber, and thus, his wrestling career was officially over."

He may not look like a typical athlete? Lol wut? Has the author seen him?

Logan destroys 99% of blue belts. Logan is a high level fighter and would beat a majority of the UFC roster

Mayweather would get handled by a lot of blue belts tho bc he’s tiny and has no grappling wrestling background. Also doesn’t have the KO power to flatline a normal sized person before they can get a hold of him.

Are you saying Jon Jones cant get Logan down?

Logan would leave Jones in a pool of his own blood

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Paul was a good wrestler. And fact of the matter is that anyone who has above average wrestling will beat any blue belt on the mats . Blue belts are relatively fresh to grappling , most high level wrestlers been doing it since they could walk . I’m by no means a Paul fan but I think he mauls most of not all blue belts .

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OP first off most blue belts get killed. Now if you are talking about a world class blue belt that may change things but doubt it. Remember the gloves are smaller in MMA and the power In both guys goes up. Mayweather is a freak athlete and Paul is a athletic wrestler who can box to some degree. The Blue Belt 9 out of 10 times gets killed

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I’m talking about a really athletic blue belt in the gi who is super good at control and takedowns. I also agree sort of with a previous poster that said Mayweather gets beat easier than Paul because of Paul’s size and wrestling credentials. Let’s say an average gi purple belt beats Paul in an mma fight.

Most BJJ guys in general aren’t taking him down and would be blasted on the feet by Logan.

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