An HG Joke

Heard this joke today and thought the HG might enjoy it.

Out in the middle of a forest a blind rabbit and a blind frog are running around when BOOM! they smack right into each other. So rabbit gets up and explains that he is blind from birth and he is very sorry for running into him (frog). Frog says its OK and that he too is blind from birth.

Frog: Rabbit what kind of animal are you?

Rabbit: dunno, can't see for myself and no ones ever told me what I am. What about you? What are you?

Frog: I don't know either, but if you come closer and let me touch you I can tell you what you are.

Rabbit: OK. (walks closer to Frog)

Frog: (Frog feels Rabbit's head) Well you have long furry ears and (frog feels Rabbit's ass) you have a little round fur ball by your crack. You must be a Rabbit!

Rabbit: Auryhte! come here so I can tell you what you are. (Rabbit proceeds to feel Frog's head) Well your eyes are spaced really far apart and (Rabbit runs his hands along Frog's body) your skin is slimy and you stink too.......

You must be a Micronesian!



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i laughed. i cried. TWO THUMBS UP!

I'd thought you guys would like it (especially you 3)lol