An idea on how to help Vitor win

C'mon Dana you sneaky Irish bastard. Do what you gotta do -

i hope i was 1 of them, i have 17 vitor t shirts and been huggin those nuts since 97

The Immortal - 

Start by being a real vitor fan. Don't just cheer for him because you hate Jones.

During the whole time i lurked here, before the Jones-151 situation, i saw like 2 real vitor fans. Phone Post

It's kinda hard to not be a fan of Vitor.  What's there not to like?

He might've hit a peak with fans recently when he fought that overweight guy in Rio.


Hit Jones in the face. Repeat. Phone Post

I remember Sakuraba battering him to death, it was worse than Faber vs Aldo, imo