An inside look at preparing the Space Shuttle PIX

Here are some pictures that show how the space shuttle was assembled and prepared for each mission, now you know. ENJOY!

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Very cool, you can tell they have to use other people's hand me downs. Lol. That's why I laugh when people are like, why are they still using the same type shuttle. They get 1/2 a cent of every tax dollar. It's hard to make a vehicle that breaks the earth's gravity with that kind of cash. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome. By the way, if you are a NASA fan you need to go to Kennedy Space Center ASAP. Since they are not launching shuttles, you can take a tour inside the Vehicle Assembly Building and a launch pad. I took my son there this summer and kept saying "I can not believe that they are letting us go here" during our tour. When I went in the early 80's we saw the pad and buildings from a bus a quite a distance. Once they start the next space program, those areas will be off limits again Phone Post 3.0

VU, pretty cool.

Awesome pictures! Phone Post 3.0

ttt for morning shift

Later, looks awesome! Phone Post 3.0

Very cool. Seriously awesome pictures!!!!

Damn, I remember playing a game on the Commodore 64 called "Project Space Station" where you had to launch shuttles, launch satellites into orbit to raise cash, do research to raise money etc.

What a great game that was.