An Interesting Fact About V. Silva

In 34 professional fights, Vanderlei has NEVER fought a high-level jiu-jitsu specialist.

Not Arona.

Not lil' Nog.

No Gracies.


No one.

The closest he came was Vitor Belfort, but A). his grappling has been exposed, and B). the fight never went to the ground anyway.

I find it fascinating that for all of Vanderlei's experience, he has yet to truly contend with the most popular and referenced pure style in all of MMA. Obviously, Pride wants to see him fight mainly Japanese fighters, but I wonder if a true submission threat on the mat is what it will take to finally best him.

In my opinion, Rogerio Nogueira would have a terrific shot of beating him for the simple reason that he's going to have tools Vanderlei hasn't had to contend with yet.

That is very true, it's a shame Overeem isn't either...

Harry... RD was very true.

while true, he should have finished the sub on Sak and did a good job on the ground against Yoshida... not BJJ experts, but great grapplers just the same... I think while wandy many not be a sub expert or positional dominant fighter on the ground, he knows enough to get the fight back to his strengths...

Yoshida is enough proof to me that he can handle grapplers.

He was closer to subbing Yoshi than vice versa.

he is scared to lose to a btt member,would rather lose to overeem who just beat vitor and igor.dats y he avoided arona for a long time.

"He was closer to subbing Yoshi than vice versa"

Pulsar, I respectfully disagree. Watch the 1st fight again & tell me how close that triangle was to being finished. & Silva never had any intention of trying to finish his armbar attempts. Yoshida may not have been close either, but Silva was no where near.

I think Silva's ground game is underrated. That said Overeem does pose a threat to him (he finished all his ADCC qualifier matches and vitor and Igor all with a simple choke which says he is doing something right). That being said I still think Silva will win this, he has proven himself to be the best at 205 (I gave that distinction to Randy but since his loss to Chuck you have to give credit where credits due). Although I think Overeem will be the next big thing at 205 as he is bringing his game together nicely.

Silva's ground is good, but made more dangerousby his aggressive nature, just like Nog, no more of this wait for an opening crap, force an opening and use it to your advantage

His ground game was very impressive against Yoshida in both fights. That says enough for me.

Silva has gotten to another level as an overall MMA fighter . I don't see any one defeating him in his weight class. Minotauro could probably submit him or break something but that's not really an even match.

Just like Fedor would probably submit him but also not really even.

Arona doesn't have a prayer but I don't think he will get past Shogun.

I am hoping to see Wand and Shogun in the finals for a serious showdown. I think they will go all out those chute box guys don't care and are pro's.

"He was closer to subbing Yoshi than vice versa"

Very true.

Sak wrecked the entire Gracie family and Silva has beaten Sak 3 or 4 times. Silva has also beaten Yoshida who beat Royce. Don't see Silva having a problem with any BJJ guys.

Styles make fights, baby.

Arona is either going to be Silva's worst nightmare or get completely annihilated. And I think that's how it'll end up with any great BJJ guy with good takedowns, wrestling, and decent striking.

Some top level jiu jitsu fighters have turned down fights against Silva.

agree with linkage,arona could be silva's worst nightmare or will be just another victim.saying that i pick arona by a boring win over silva.