An unusual request 4 romoshoppers!

Hey, I know this may sound a bit unusual, but it's not.

My photoshopping skills are still basic, but I know here's some real good people who could help me with this...

So, I'd need a pic of four men standing next to each other, probably hands on each others shoulders or something.

  1. They have to be all white men.

  2. With as little clothing as possible. (but not nude)

  3. One of the men has to be fat, the other three thin.

  4. All four men must have dreadlocks. (the fat man's dreadlocks being blonde/light brown)

  5. There should be a bit of romosexual vibe in the

  6. And with the four men, there should be a midget (a little person) in front of them. A black midget if possible.

Just trying to have fun with some old friends... :)

LOL... No, this pic is not for my personal use, believe me, will youuuuuuuuuu!!! :)

Come on!