An update from SBGi Denmark

This weekend SBGi Denmark competed in Openmat 6, the biggest submission wrestling turnament in Denmark. Our very talented girl Nicole won both the -66 kg mens division plus the womans division, and we had a guy winning the gi open weight division. Also we got three bronze medals (-88 kg and women).

Enjoy some video highlight from the turnament:

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

nice highlight!

Nice highlite film. Nicole kicks ass! Let's set up a Nicole vs. Rosi superfight grappling match at the next camp. It will be a grapple to the death LOL.

Way to go Christian, you guys appear head and shoulders above the competition.

Awesome Christian!

We have a solution for the Denmark tour dvd and Erik will have those masters to me asap. So I will shoot you an e-mail on that today or tommorow.

Keep up the great work Christian.


A grapplematch against Rosi could be cool! Nicole is super talented - currently training towards re-winning the world championship gold medal in Sport Ju-Jutsu this November.

Matt, sounds great with the dvd's, can't wait to hear what people think of them!